All About Wrestling

The Rules

If you don't follow wrestling then you probably dont understand it very well. In wrestling the objective is to get the most points or pin the other person by the end of the match. Both wrestlers battle to take the other person down, get up, or hold their opponent on their back to gain points. Another rule in wrestling is that you may only wrestle somebody in your weightclass. Having weight classes means that you can only wrestle people near your weight. This makes the fight fair so that a heavy guy isnt wrestling a light guy. I know everyone is totally wonder, and the answer is yes, you can body slam. In order to do this though you must do it legally. Either your knee must hit the ground before the person getting dropped, or you must at least have them under control.

Sport Review

Wrestling is a very underated sport in my opinion. Lots of people call the sport wierd or not entertaining, and I understand their points. The thing is though, if you understand wrestling and look into, it is very intersting. The way the scoring works. The amount of moves you can do to beat someone. Another thing I think about wrestling, is that you have to put so much work into it to be good at it. This is not a sport you can just pick up and be decent at it. It takes lots and lots of time. Overall this is a very good sport.

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